SRA Officers

The Student Radio Association is completely ran by volunteers, who are appointed on a yearly basis. Helping run the SRA we have:

Executive Officers

Danny Humby


Delphine Corr

Operations Officer

Hannah Willoughby

Marketing & Comms Officer

Katie Bevan

Membership Officer

Seb Cheer

Events Officer

Danny Coucill

Network Officer

Admin Officers

Megan Hayward

Alumni Officer

Katie Fox

Music Officer

Hope Lynes

Chart Officer

Emma Linton

Dept. Events Officer

Ben Swift

Events Tech Officer

Regional Officers

Jack Corbett

London & SE

Kate Cornell

London & SE

Imogen Brewer


Ellen Macleod

North West & North Wales

Hebe Lawson

Northern Ireland

Finn Marsden


Joshua Dodd


Holly Markham

South West & South Wales

Leo Joslin